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Services to Government

Execution of Outsourced Projects


The following activities of Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion (Invest Punjab) and Department of Industries and Commerce have been outsourced to Punjab Infotech.

   Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion

1. Human Resource Management

  • Policy & Strategy Formulation
  • Hiring of Contractual, Outsourced employees and Consultants for PBIP
  • Job Allocation
  • Performance Review
  • Payroll, Attendance, Leaves
  • Contract Signing, Annual Increments
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Government Communication.

2. Secretarial and Legal Work

  • Convening of EC and BoG Meetings of PBIP as and when required.
  • Dealing with Govt. Correspondences like Vidhan Sabha Session replies etc for PBIP
  • Attending Board Meetings of Conware
  • Handling legal cases of PBIP and coordinate with Advocate General Office along with other departments for the purpose of filling replies in the Hon’ble High Court.
  • Rendering Legal advice as and when required.

3. Accounts and Finance

  • To monitor the Management fee, their receipt from Investors and disbursement to concerned Departments like PSPCL, PPCB, Factory Inspectors, Housing & Urban Development etc.
  • Preparation of Annual account i.e. Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure Statement.
  • To obtain quarterly sanctions from Department of Industries and Commerce for the Grants allocated by Department of Finance, Punjab under the head Grant in Aid (salary), Grant in Aid (non-salary) and Grant in Aid (creation of capital assets)
  • Salary Processing & Payment ,Calculations of Income Tax, Arrears, Increments, Renewals, Revision of Pay & Allowances, Revision in salary, Pay Commission Arrears, etc.
  • Budget preparation and its utilization.
  • To take care of any statutory obligation in respect of Income Tax Deptt. and other Departments.
  • To handle the Audit of PBIP with Statutory Auditors.

4. Admin related Functions

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts for Pest Control and HVAC System
  • Tender for the Selection of Outsourced Manpower Agency and selection of Housekeeping and Support Services Agency
  • Printing and Designing activities
  • Managing administrative activities involving purchase of equipment’s, office maintenance, Vehicle requirement for official tour/visit/meetings, housekeeping etc.
  • Vendor management- Oversee acquisition, installation and commissioning of equipment’s that are required for the facility – IT Systems, air conditioning etc.
  • Procurement through GEM and other Open tender/ limited tender depending upon the requirement.
  • Asset Management across multiple locations.

5. Investment Promotion

  • Content management of Invest Punjab website – Quarterly sign offs from the concerned sector officers regarding the content updation of the website. Also coordination with NIC on regular basis to implement changes in graphics.
    • Brand Building including advertisements (print/TV & airports) and Media Management of Invest Punjab and preparation of promotional material like videos etc.
  • Logistic arrangements including boarding & lodging arrangements of the delegates, venue arrangements and branding at the venue for investors meetings.
  • Various activities pertaining to organizing Investors Summit/Roadshows.
  • Preparation of quarterly newsletter & its circulation among stakeholders to showcase the State’s strengths and various activities undertaken by Invest Punjab to attract investment in Punjab.
  • Preparation of need based RFPs.

For the above mentioned outsourced work, the Corporation is levying service charges with incremental increase of 10% every year.

   Department of Industries and Commerce

  • Website Management of Department of Industries and Commerce
  • Social Media Management of Department of Industries and Commerce
  • Hiring of Business Facilitators of Policy Implementation Unit through Service Provider
  • Preparation of Salary and Leave Record of Business Facilitators