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CAL-C Services

Opportunity for Training Partners

The Business

Punjab Information & Communication Technology Corporation (Punjab Infotech) is a Punjab Government Undertaking that has been successfully spearheading the Software Training revolution through a strong network of CAL-C Computer Education Centers in Punjab since 1988. Punjab Infotech is the premier agency of the State Government in facilitating establishment of IT and IT enabled service's (ITES) industry in Punjab, and training human resources for this industries. After the success in Software skill set, CAL-C took a step further in the field of Advanced Hardware & Networking in 2003.

Knowledge Industries include IT/Knowledge Industry, Nanotechnology, Consulting, Biotechnology, electronics, and telecommunications. This also includes Research and Development services and other specialized Institutions. sectors to constantly upgrade its programs to translate student training into job opportunities.

CAL-C provides focused Software, Hardware, Networking and ITES courses with technical inputs from industry leaders. CAL-C has an extensive network of training partner centres in the region to provide quality computer training vis-a-vis industry requirement. At Present it has a network More than 80+ centres in Punjab & Himachal Pradesh.

Pre-requisites and Guidelines

Punjab Infotech proposes to authorize institutions on location specific, non exclusive and non transferable basis to conduct courses in computer software and hardware, under the brand name CAL-C with a view to enable students to qualify for the certificate and advanced courses that have a stamp of excellence.

1. Pre-Requisites for New Centre
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Parameters Revised Norms
Category Metro A B C D (Village)
Population New Delhi, Mumbai Chennai and Kolkata More than two lakhs Upto  two  lakhs but   more   than One lakh Upto      One lakh Village        as
defined       by Government of Punjab
No. of Centres Any number Any number (Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar,Bathinda, Patiala)
Other  Category  “A” locations-  Not  More
than 5 centres
Two Two One
Distance (Min) 900m 900m 900m 900m ---
Franchise Licence Fee
(Software) 3 years
1,50,000 1,00,000 75,000 60,000 30,000
Licence Fee (Hardware) 3 years 1,50,000 1,00,000 75,000 60,000 30,000
Licence Fee
(SW+HW Courses) 3 years
2,25,000 1,50,000 1,20,000 90,000 45,000
Licence Fee Discount for addition of SW to existing HW Franchise centre and HW to existing SW Franchise
10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
Renewal of Licence (Applicable to all Categories) Licence to be renewed for three years First Installment: 50% of the Licence fees for three years Second Installment: 30% of the Licence fees for three years Third Installment: 20% of the Licence fees for three years      
Royalty for Sw 15% 15% 15% 15% 15%
Royalty for Hw 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Total Covered Area in Sq. ft. for Software or Hardware centers 2000 1500 1200 1200 1000
Total Covered Area in Sq. ft. for CAL-C Centre 3000 2200 1800 1800 1500
Minimum number of Students required  to  be  enrolled  in  a year for long term courses of 6  months and above duration
offered by CAL-C
75 60 50 40 30
Faculty Student Ratio 1:25 1:25 1:25 1:25 1:25
Teaching Aid LCD Projector        
Qualification of Faculty MSc (IT/CS)/ MCA or PGDCA/BCA with one year experience        
2. Infrastructure Norms


Training Partner Fee :

Franchisee fees will be paid for 3 years, for conducting hardware/software courses along with the acceptance letter, available in application form, after receipt of Letter of Intent. The fee will be paid in cash / by demand draft in favour of Punjab Information & Communication Technology Corporation Limited payable at Chandigarh.

The training partner fees / any payment made to Punjab Infotech are non-refundable fees.

Renewal of License :

Is at the sole discretion of Punjab Infotech. Franchisee will have to give its willingness for renewal of CAL-C Centre within one month of maturity of current license along with the required license fee. Renewal agreement will be signed and license certificate is issued. In case, franchisee centre does not give any response within one month of maturity of current license, action will be initiated by Punjab Infotech. License fee at the time of renewal is to be deposited in installments. license fee will be payable as per following schedule:

4th Year 50% of License Fee
5th Year 30% of License Fee
6th Year 20% of License Fee

(And so on instalments to be paid for further years till the franchisee is interested to run the centre)

Termination of License :

Punjab Infotech can terminate the license of training partner centre, if there is any gross mis-conduct by training partner centers Authorization Criteria.

Authorization Criteria :

The conduct of the course is open to organizations in the public as well as the private sectors including autonomous bodies, meeting the criteria given in the succeeding paragraphs.

The Applicant must show financial viability, sincerity of purpose and willingness to comply with "Code of Ethics".

Infrastructure Requirements
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The general requirement of infrastructure is as follows:

Standardized Structuring :

Each CAL-C centre comprises a set pattern of classrooms and computer laboratories. This is to maintain the student-instructor ratio at an optimum level and to ensure individualized attention and interaction. This also facilitates to have a standardized infrastructure and equipment so that all the centers are at par with each other. Emphasis is being laid on this aspect so that competitive spirit of the best in the market is maintained.

Computer Laboratories :

State-of-the-art machines are imperative for each computer laboratory. It is our endeavour to ensure, that students are well exposed to the equipment and they become well versed with the practical handling of the same. It will be well appreciated that theoretical knowledge is of not much use till it is reinforced with hands - on - training on hardware and related test equipment.

Each CAL-C centre must comprise of proper network in labs (Software or Hardware Centers) i.e. Dedicated Server must be there in labs.

Equipment :

Each centre has the latest and the most modern instruments and equipment required to give through practical knowledge to the student. Latest equipment, which makes the process of learning simple, certainly helps the students to understand the subjects better.

Teaching/Training Aids :

Training, innovation and creative teaching techniques contribute a lot to communicate the best to the students. The equipment ranges from digital and analogue trainers, CRO, PC trainers etc. as teaching aids. Overhead projectors, automated slide shows and of course the normal blackboards are used to improve class room communication. This enables the faculty members to conduct live demonstrations in the class, thereby not only increasing effectiveness of the instruction but also generating thought provoking ideas in the mind of the student. In brief, by using good teaching aids, it leads to better understanding and faster intake.

Staffing :

CAL-C H.O has laid down stringent QRs (Qualitative Requirements) for the staff and facility of the centers. Periodic reviews are held to ensure that the staff and faculty are of the highest standard so that quality education is provided to students.

Library :

Each CAL-C Centre will have a well-stocked library with books and magazines relevant to Information Technology and the corresponding industry. Reference books pertaining to the course will be made available by the Centre. By providing good reading material, the students are encouraged to read and make extensive use of the library. This enables them to gain a wider understanding of the subject. The details of mandatory reference books as recommended by the corporation will be stocked by the centers.

Premises :

The applicant must have his / her own premises or hire premises on a long term basis for at least 3 years with reasonable assurance of continuity. Documents of proof should be attached with the application. The minimum availability of infrastructure is according to the grading of centers. The category norms are mentioned in Pre-Requisite The applicant must ensure that no more than two students are to be detailed on the terminal or one PC.

The applicant should have modern teaching aids like OHP, TV, VCP and Video Projector (optional), multimedia projector.

Enrolment of students can be done after the final inspection has been conducted by the Corporation or authorization for enrolment of students given by the Punjab Infotech in written.

Services to Centres
  • Curriculum and Study Material: Punjab Infotech provides curriculum and prescribed study material for each course. The curriculum and study material is updated keeping in view the technological changes and industry requirements.
  • Training Support: - The Corporation organize training program on periodic basis to update the faculties of CAL-C centers.
  • Examinations for courses of 6 months and above duration will be conducted by Punjab Infotech in case of Software & Hardware courses.(Examination for short term courses is available in the Prospectus)
  • The Corporation will issue certificates for the courses completed, on request received from the centre verifying the details of the student.
  • The Corporation will identify new courses based on the industry requirements and introduce the new course.
  • The Corporation takes feedback of the students for the course and gives suggestions for the improvement of the centre.
Prospectus and Study Material

Study Material will include charges towards the printing cost and handling charges of the study material. This will be paid by the CAL-C Centers for the study material procured from CAL-C Head Office.

  1. Students will be issued study material free of cost by the CAL-C Centers as the cost of study material is included in the course fee
  2. Training Partner Centers will procure the study material from Punjab Infotech by filling the Request for issue of Books Form and will stock atleast 10 sets of books / prospectus & will keep the record of books issued to the students. Issue register needs to be maintained at the centre which can be checked by the official of Punjab infotech during their visit at centre.
    Hardware and Software Prospectus Download PDF

Royalty at the rate of 15% of the course fee for Software courses and 20% of the course fee for Hardware courses will be charged along with the service tax at prevailing rates.

This royalty will be paid by training partner to PICTC from the money it collects as course fee from the students as mentioned in the prospectus.

25% Royalty+ST to be paid for Joint PGDCA course offered along with by Punjab State Board of Technical Education & Industrial Training (PSBTE).

PGDCA Course is provided in CAL-C Centres located in Punjab only.

The semester-wise royalty will be submitted by Training partner along with the admission forms and statement of royalty to Punjab Infotech.

A Concession of 10% in Course fee is permitted to the students belonging to SC/ST/Handicap/Ex Serviceman categories and employees of Central/State Govt on submission of relevant documents with CAL-C H.O.


Advertisements and Promotions

Advertisement and promotion campaign will be contributory. Every CAL-C Centre will contribute its share, as decided from time to time.

Training partner can use Glow sign boards, Letter heads, Visiting cards must be as per the formats mentioned by CAL-C.

Training partners may advertise at local level on their own. Training partner centre/ Centre Head will be responsible for any commitments given to the students through verbal conversation/ advertisement issued by them.

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Steps for being a Training Partner
Sr. No. Action Time Frame


Counseling by Manager (CAL-C) As requested
2 Interested parties seeking authorization shall download the application form &  send the application form along with required documents & demand draft of Rs. 5000/-, ( Rs. 8000/- for distance more than 500 KM from Chandigarh) as non refundable form, processing & inspection fee, drawn in favour of Punjab Information and Communication Technology Corporation Ltd., payable at Chandigarh.  
3 The duly filled form to be forwarded to CAL-C head office. Where applicant applying for more than one branches/Training Partner/Centers, separate form with applicable fees will be submitted for each centre. Allotment of Franchisee is on first come first serve basis
4 Initial Inspection by PICTC Ltd Within 7 days of submission of Application Form complete in all respects.
5 (a) Date of Re-inspection, if required.
(b) Issue of Letter of Intent
(a) As per the status
(b) within 7 days after the inspection
6 Deposit of License Fee Within 10 days of receipt of LOI
7 Final Inspection by PICTC Ltd. On or before six weeks from the date of acceptance given by centre head.
8 Agreement / License Within 10 days of final inspection / approval provided by Punjab Infotech.
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Checklist For Applying For Training Centres